BROVA is arguably the finest and most exciting
example of 21st century Norwegian ingenuity and
BROVA combines a legacy of Norwegian maritime
technology with Norway’s world-famous cutting edge
design, and its enduring pursuit for a greener future,
to apply novel technologies in order to craft creative,
innovative, and environmentally sustainable solutions
to current, real and potential future challenges of the
modern world.
BROVA stands at the forefront of environmental
and design innovation, generating an entirely new
landscape for the future of construction, with
movable, durable, and versatile floating structures that
are marvels of modern design and architecture.
With a forward-thinking philosophy that addresses
current and potential geo-political, environmental and
geographical challenges, BROVA is currently involved
in a number of projects and continues to develop new
concepts and ideas while implementing the latest in
design, energy, sustainability and technology into its
At the bedrock of its ideas is the ‘Pearl’ concept – a
totally sustainable floating superstructure currently
being utilized for the hospitality industry with two
hotels currently planned, but with enough versatility
to develop into any construction project.