A ship, a stage and a theater.

Brova is underway with a number of projects, where
the use of novel ideas and technologies has been the
common denominator.
Working on exiting projects, Brova is all times
developing new ideas, with continually improving and
implementing the newest technology.
Therefore, meet Brova 1, a ship, a stage and a theater.
Brova 1 is new, it is unique, it will make a impact.

The idea

Brova 1 is new! The idea of a stage and Theater moving from city to city gives new and unique possibilities.

A band on tour can have the same stage and ringing along for new concerts every day in a new city.

The artists have the choice to seil along, with all advantages of luxury cruise. Safe environment and relaxing atmosphere.

Mass concert for the audience at shore in front to the main stage, or private concerts to the VIPs in the theater.

It is only our fantasy that limits usage of the ship:
• Artist tours
• Promotional tours
• Bringing musicals to different City’s
• Supporting city’s in organization of events type
World Cup in football, Olympics…
• Arrangements type Volvo Ocean Race

Brova 1 brochure